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Q. Is outside food allowed? 

A.Yes, outside food is allowed. You can also have food delivered from nearby restaurants.

Q. Can I bring a birthday cake? 

A.Yes, of course!

If you want to keep it cold, ask us to store it in a refrigerator.

Q. Can I bring my own beverages?

A. No, you are NOT ALLOWED to bring in any beverages (either alcoholic or non-alcoholic) to our buildings.

Q. Is smoking allowed inside the room?

A. No, it is prohibited by law (this includes electronic cigarettes as well).

Q: Is there an age restriction?

A. Yes, please adhere to our policies regarding customers under twenty-one years of age.

If there's anyone under twenty-one years of age in your party, alcoholic beverages can only be purchased and consumed at the bar. Alcohol will not be allowed inside the private rooms.

Every customer must carry legal I.D to get in the store and order alcohol. 

Q. Can I make a reservation?

A.Yes, we take reservations.

please call us with your party info.

(Date, Time, Number of People)

We may hold the box reserved for you for up to 15 minutes, if the box is requested and you are 

not present for your party, we may grant the box to another waiting party.

Q. How often do you update your song list? 

A. We update our song list every month. Our list includes the latest releases as well as special requests.We try to update during the middle of the month, but it also depends on our distributor's schedule.

Please note: If you have guests who stay over 10mins, 

they will be charged for a 30 minute stay. 

(If their stay for over 40 minutes, they will be charged the hourly rate.)

Address: 2223 NC-54 Durham NC 27713

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